Meet our Board Members

Kerri Bailey-Nekervis – First Connections Liaison
I joined the ABFN Board in 2012. My husband Steve and I moved from Acton two years ago to Maynard with our two girls Erin (6 yrs) and Kylie (4 yrs). We stayed actively involved with ABFN as they have so much to offer families and we have made amazing friends through the network. I spend my days bringing my girls to school and their activities. I am involved as Erin’s Brownie leader, I am also the enrichment coordinator for Green Meadow Elementary School PTO, and I am also on the school board at Kylie’s preschool, Mt. Calvary School. I will also be the director of the Boys and Girls Club preschool summer camp at St. John’s. As a former teacher before my girls were born, I stay active in the education field by tutoring elementary and middle school students. I also am a senior consultant with direct marketing company Thirty-One. Erin and Kylie both really enjoyed the ABFN outing at Davis Farmland last summer. They had so much fun meeting up with friends and spending the day with the animals and at the splash park. We can’t wait for this trip again!

Jennifer Bauder – Public Events
My husband and I moved to Boxborough in 2007 and although we immediately loved the area, we found it hard to meet people at first. That changed after we joined the Acton-Boxborough Family Network following the 2011 birth of our daughter Catelyn (little sis Ella joined the fun in 2013). ABFN is a great way to meet other young families with similar interests and schedules. We’ve all made some wonderful friends, particularly through our weekly ABFN playgroup. I love checking the ABFN calendar to see what new adventures await: Story Hour, Community Service projects, outings, etc. I enjoy working on the Public Events committee and helping plan the Summer BBQ, Halloween Party, and Valentine’s Day party — it’s such a thrill to see ABFN members having fun and connecting at these events.

Kate Bell – Outdoor Adventures Coordinator
We closed on our house in the summer of 2015 and had our daughter the next day. My husband and I hope to bring a more relaxed pace to our outdoor adventures group! I also serve as branch lead of HikeitBaby Acton and look forward to organizing many urban and rural adventures for families in our community. Thanks to ABFN for providing this opportunity to unite families and help raise the next generation to love and respect the outdoors.

Meghan Blute-Nelson – Co-Chair, email, Fundraising, email
I grew up in Acton and returned to the area in 2011 when our twin daughters were born. Now residents of Boxborough, my husband, Ben, and I have enjoyed getting involved with ABFN and have met so many wonderful new friends. Our daughters love getting together with our weekly ABFN playgroup and attending the monthly activities and events! Serving on the ABFN board, first as Treasurer for three years and now as Co-Chair, has allowed me to use my skills in nonprofit management to help support the work of a remarkable group of volunteers.

Becky Everhart – Craft Hour
I moved to Acton in 2009 and joined the ABFN shortly after my twin daughters were born in 2013. I joined the ABFN board as the Craft Hour Co-Chair in 2015. Before beginning my job as a stay at home Mom, I worked as a Child Care Director and Early Childhood Teacher, so Craft Hour provides me with a great opportunity to do what I love. I really enjoy coming up with the projects each month and creating hands on experiences. I love being a part of ABFN and all of the great families I have met at events!

Kate Gilbert – Website Editor and Newsletter Editor
We moved to Acton in the summer of 2014 and quickly found friends and playmates through the Acton-Boxborough Family Network. As a new-to-working mom, ABFN helped me to find fun weekend and after-school activities to do with my two children, while also making friends with other moms through Moms’ Night Out, babysitting coops and more. I am happy to be able to use my skills to give back to a group that gives us so much by managing the web site and putting together the bi-monthly newsletter.

Kim Grotbeck – Story Hour

Amber Harvey – Family Outings
My family moved to Acton in November 2011 after 10 years in Colorado. I became pregnant with my second child a few months after the move so I made the decision not to return to work. Needless to say I was nervous about being in a new town, knowing no one, and not having work to connect me to others. We joined ABFN after getting settled and it’s been wonderful. There is always something going on and it’s a been a great way to connect with other families.

Kelly Jennings – Membership & Outreach 

Jenn Josef – Tag Sale email & Public Events email
My family and I moved to Acton from the Poconos in the Fall of 2015. I was excited to learn about ABFN and joined to start building a community of friends for myself and my two boys, Ethan(3) and Ollie (1). Since joining we have participated in a number of events and have meet many new people. This year I’m looking forward to using my museum public programming background to help with the Tag Sale and ABFN Public Events.

Sarah Kaschak – Photography
Although I grew up in Acton, I returned to the area in 2014 to find that much has changed around town – most notably, the emergence of the Acton-Boxborough Family Network. I joined ABFN around the time of my son’s birth in June 2015 and, being a new mom, I appreciated the ease of attending various ABFN activities/events and meeting other sleep-deprived parents! In particular, the summer BBQ, Halloween party, outdoor hikes and story hour are some of our favorite ABFN get-togethers. Besides spending time outdoors with my family, I love taking pictures. You’ll find me behind my camera at many ABFN events, capturing silly moments and serious fun!

Laura Kelly – Playgroups Coordinator
I returned to Acton with my husband and first son (born in 2008) in 2010. One year later, our second son was born. I grew up in Acton and always preferred it over other places I have lived, so moving back to raise my family here just felt right. I joined ABFN as a way to meet other families and get reacquainted with the town, this time as a parent. Over the last three years through ABFN, we have met some great families and attended wonderful events; our boys love the Halloween party! I always thought I knew everything this town and surrounding areas had to offer but ABFN introduced us to so many places and events I never knew about before. I recently joined the board as I love living in Acton and want to help others feel at home here too! I look forward to helping families create new friendships through ABFN playgroups!

Megan Kivela – Co-Chair email, Community Service email
I moved to Acton in 2012 while pregnant with my third daughter and anxious to meet new people, joined the Acton Family Network and soon after became the Community Service Co-Chair. My family (including my three girls, Chloe, Brooke and Allie) has been very active in the many activities that the ABFN has offered and not only has it helped us to make many great new friends, but it has helped us to learn about the many things these great towns have to offer. I am so happy to move into a new role as ABFN Co-Chair so that I can continue to help families connect and share my love for Acton and Boxborough.

Cat Lane – Photography
My husband, daughter and I moved to Boxborough in 2014. I joined ABFN right away (mainly for the great discounts they offer), and have met some amazing families. I am not native to New England; we are a military family, but are finally in a position to settle down and grow some roots. We have lived everywhere and can’t say enough about this wonderful area. Great place to raise a family! I am a certified local photographer and look forward to serving on the board.

Maureen Lanoix – Moms’ Night Out Coordinator
Hello, ABFN families! I’ve been happily organizing our Moms’ Night Out events since the fall of 2014. MNO serves as an opportunity for moms to connect with each other, cultivate friendships, try new things, visit local venues, and relax! I live in Acton with my husband, Andrew, and our two boys, Michael and Peter. We moved here from Cambridge in June of 2012 shortly before our older son was born. I work full-time as a teacher and our boys love going to KinderCare on Hayward. I am so thankful to be part of the amazing Acton-Boxborough community and to serve on the ABFN Board. Please reach out to me with any questions and/or suggestions for future Moms’ Night Out events!

Lizzy Mucci – Babysitting Coop Coordinator
We moved to Boxborough in 2013 with our two kids, and a third on the way. We knew little of the area, knew very few people here, and had no family around. We had long commutes, and little time to explore. ABFN helped maximize that time, helping to navigate things like childcare options or veterinarians on the discussion boards; to organizing outings and events for our family to participate in; to helping organize time where it was easy to meet other moms and take some time for myself. About a year ago I joined one of the babysitting co-ops and was in awe that something like this existed. It’s been a saving grace. I’m looking forward to being part of the board and helping other families take advantage of this amazing aspect of ABFN too!

Tina Leonard – Outings Coordinator

Kristin O’Neil – Marketing and Communications
Our family of three moved to Boxborough in 2013 and we joined Acton-Boxborough Family Network as soon as our internet was up and running. We found an ABFN playgroup shortly thereafter and have been busy ever since! The variety of activities and connections we made with other area families was so helpful as we settled in to our new home. Our involvement in ABFN has helped us to create a “village” of friends we’ve come to rely on. This was especially helpful when we welcomed baby number two! We have enjoyed our membership and the people we’ve met so much so that I joined the Board in September 2015 to provide Marketing & Communications support. ABFN has been such a great organization for our family and I am excited to help spread the word about our wonderful programs, events, and resources to the greater community.

Sarah O’Rourke – Fundraising
My husband and I moved to Acton in February of 2012, when our youngest son was eight months old. We joined ABFN to meet local families and make new friends. In many ways, the friends we made through ABFN have become our extended family. Our ABFN family has been a huge support as our family has grown from three to four, and gone through a multitude of life’s triumphs and tribulations. I look forward to being able to help ABFN as much as it has helped me!

Jenn Park – Tag Sale
My family and I moved to Acton from the Poconos in the Fall of 2015. I was excited to learn about ABFN and joined to start building a community of friends for myself and my two boys, Ethan(3) and Ollie (1). Since joining we have participated in a number of events and have meet many new people. This year I’m looking forward to using my museum public programming background to help with the Tag Sale and ABFN Public Programs.

Stephanie Poirier – Family Outings

Sarah Protopopov – Secretary

Boris Protopopov – Dads’ Night Out

Jon Roland – Dads’ Night Out
My wife and I relocated to the area in 2007. Initially it was quite difficult to meet new folks in town and develop a network of friends. Once we had kids, we heard about ABFN and attended the New Baby Event. From that initial get together, we started building our network. ABFN has been great and we have met so many nice families. We enjoy taking part in and hosting weekly play groups. I just recently joined the board and look forward to coordinating activities for dads (and kids).

Barbara Romero – Membership & Outreach
Having just moved to the area in December of 2015 with a six month old, it was a relief to find an organization that was so welcoming and kid focused. While I am not working yet in MA, I am a real estate agent in New York, so this group (and membership in particular) has been a great outlet for me. I love connecting people and even as a newbie I am doing just that! This organization has been a great support for a new (and totally clueless) mother and a wonderful way to get to know the area through making friends. There is so much more that the ABFN has to offer – I look forward to the years to come!

Crystal Rowe – Membership & Outreach
My family moved to the Boston area in December 2015 from Atlanta, Georgia. After a couple of months in Brookline, we found ourselves in love with Acton and made our way here in February of 2016. I served as Event Chair for the Grant Park Parent Network in Atlanta, and my family made lifelong friendships through that organization. When we saw there was an Acton-Boxborough Family Network, we immediately became involved. I stay at home with our two daughters, who are 4 and 2, while attempting to blog at and In my free time I love to cook, read, write, garden, and DIY whatever I can! I am looking forward to helping AFBN members connect with one another in times of need.

Kristin Sandler – Playgroups Coordinator
We moved to Acton in December of 2015 and joined ABFN right after the New Year. We’ve quickly become involved in this great organization both as a new family exploring the town and as a board member helping with Playgroups.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about ABFN and about how welcoming all of the families we’ve met have been so far. They’ve helped make our transition to our new hometown seamless. I look forward to meeting more families through the numerous planned events and serving on the board.

Curran Schiefelbein – Co-Chair
My husband and I moved to Acton in 2007, and one by one our two sons were born. I was excited to finally join ABFN — for the book group! — but soon came to realize how useful the kid-related offerings are. With no family in the area, we really rely on the babysitting co-op. The friends we’ve made in the co-op, in our ABFN playgroup, and at the many parent-child activities have become “the family we choose”. These local connections have been especially vital as I transitioned from working full time to working at home, and then put my career on hold. I got to know the parents who keep this wonderful organization going, and knew it was time to help out when the webmaster vacancy came up. (I still look forward to Book Group every month!)

Joe Shultz – Outdoor Adventures Coordinator

Sarah Staley – Public Events

Molly Wald – Tag Sale

Jennifer Walsh – Treasurer email, Community Service email
My husband and I moved to Acton in the spring of 2011 as we prepared for the birth of my first daughter that summer. We chose Acton not only for the great schools but also for the wonderful community. The birth of my second daughter in the winter of 2013 propelled me into the exciting world that is the Acton-Boxborough Family Network – I needed to find activities in the area – after all I now had two monkeys that needed entertaining! It has been a great way to meet other families and there are so many fun activities and events to participate in. My son was born in the spring of 2015 and ABFN has been the next best thing to family. As the co-community service coordinator, I’ve really enjoyed being able to give back to the community and teach our children the importance of volunteering and community service.

Santina Watlington – Book Group
We moved to Acton in 2000 when I was pregnant with my second child who was born in May 2001. I joined ABFN in February 2001 for the children’s activities for my 2 yr old, playgroup, and the newly formed Babysitting Co-op II. Through ABFN, I was able to connect with other mothers at a very difficult time in my life; all at once I had moved, was having a second child, and had decided to quit working! I’m still here for Book Group, and highly recommend ABFN for anyone new to town or for someone just trying to connect with others. It’s a fantastic resource.

Alissa Weiss – Craft Hour
My husband, twin boys and I moved to Acton in 2012 after learning I was pregnant with our third little man (who we welcomed to the family in 2013). After we wistfully packed up our Davis Square condo, we moved to Acton and immediately fell in love with all of the open space and hiking trails. We have been participating in the wonderful ABFN activities since we moved and I am looking forward to having an excuse to be crafty every month!

Emmy Whitney – Public Events
My family moved to Acton in 2011 with our then 8-month-old daughter. My husband and I both grew up one town away, so it was kind of like moving back home for us. I wanted to find some playgroups and activities in the area and immediately joined ABFN. It has been a great way to meet other families and there are so many fun activities and events to participate in. After attending several great ABFN events and activities, I was given an opportunity to become more involved, and joined the ABFN Board to help with public events. I am excited to be a part of this wonderful group and look forward to meeting more families!

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